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Warwick Guide

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1 Warwick Guide on Sun Jun 20, 2010 1:52 am

Warwick, The Blood Hunter
Once a man, Warwick was trained by the Alchemists of Zaun and later hired as a mercenary by the Noxian Army for their war against Ionia. An alchemical genius, he became known to the Ionians as the Deathmaker for the terror and destruction his creations sowed. Sequestered in his labs, he felt no responsibility for the death tolls these creations wrought. Eventually Soraka, an Ionian with the power of gods in her blood, had seen enough of the alchemist's predations. Something in her snapped, and she sacrificed her divinity to curse Warwick. She wanted him to feel revulsion at what he was, for him to dip his fingers in the blood he so often shed. Soraka cursed him to be a werewolf, a wild murderous beast.

What Soraka did not anticipate was that Warwick would revel in his newfound lycanthropy. Turning his back on his human past, Warwick now revels in his physical prowess and bloodlust as a mercenary fighting on the Fields of Justice. As a werewolf, a form he now rarely leaves, Warwick is an unnatural predator. His enormous claws carve enemies to bits, temporarily quenching his eternal thirst to drain their lives, healing his wounds. Worse is when he leaps onto a foe like an animal, knocking the sense out of his prey under a flurry of slashing talons. The vestiges of a pack animal reside within him, he can also let loose a piercing howl, which echoes across the battlefield to both bolster and coordinate those who fight with him. Few can hide from the werewolf, especially once he catches the scent of blood and his hunger overtakes him.

Though Warwick has been physically transformed, his nature has not; he is still a predator.

1. Abilities
Eternal Thirst
One of the most underpowered passives in the whole game... They should really need to pump it up a little

Hungering Strike
Only the most powerful anti-tank move in the game. 20% health is a lot!

Hunters Call
Wow! 90% attack speed boost is as much as Tristana's rapid fire, but it ALSO increases your allies' attack speed by 45%!

Blood Scent
Never learn before level 5, but will get you a lot of kills after that, even though it's a passive

Infinite Duress
Everyone fears Warwick's ultimate, mostly because it can multistack a lot of items like Black cleaver, malady, madred's bloodrazors... But when you are the one hitting, it feels so good to smell their fear!

2. Introduction
Warwick is the most powerful jungler in the game, mostly because of his lifesteal skills, but also because he is able to locate weak enemies and pop out of his jungling, get the kill quickly and go back to his jungling. I don't think you need to killsteal anyone to be good with Warwick! Being able to reduce a target's health by 20% in one strike will often make blood scent active, so by reflex anyone will flee from you, but the error they make is that they should flee at 60% health, not at 40%! Even when outleveled or outstocked, you will be able to get kills with Warwick, you only need smart kickass technique and some skills. Finally, there is only one enemy Warwick can't kill; time.

3. Masteries + Runes
I've heard many people call their attack speed Warwick godlike, but HE ISN'T so much of a godlike when boosted in attack speed only, because you can get more than enough atack speed from items. I recommend use of Armor penetration marks, dodge seals, cooldown reduction glyphs and armor penetration quintessences.

I use a 21/0/9 masteries build, as following :

3/3Deadliness 3/3Good hands
1/1Cripple 1/3Perseverence
1/1Plentiful bounty* 1/1haste*
4/4Alacrity 4/4Awareness
4/4Sorcery 1/2utility mastery
2/2Offense mastery

total offense:21 total defense:0 total utility:9

* = i never use Ghost AND Smite so the points in those spells are conditional to me using them.

P.S: I don't count Ghost and Smite power-ups in my build, since they are not always there.

4. Summoner Abilities
For summoners spells, you will see the spells Warwick will always put to good use in green, the spells he CAN put to good use in yellow and the awful spells as Warwick in red :

exhaust-> Wayyyyyy to goo! So much power packed in it makes him blind and slowed! Perfect for any chaser!

smite-> It's really useful for jungling, and I use it every time it's up, even if it only kills a normal minion. It still makes one minion kill more for you and one less to hit you

ghost-> With this and Blood Scent, noone will ever be able to escape you!

ignite-> while burning, they can't heal. While burning, they're gonna flee. That's where you come in and kill the minions or chase them up. It's up to you.

teleport-> you can always make yourself useful for a gank, but the cooldown on this spell is too long, or so I think

cleanse->I don't like cleanse personnaly because it's duration is too low.

clarity-> Yes, sometimes, you'll run out of mana. Yes, it can even get you killed. Yes, clarity isn't so much of a bad choice. But there are better spells you should choose first

flash-> if you are good enough, you can use your ulti as another way to flash. More than only flashing, it will also stun and HIT!

heal-> Ok, you are Warwick, the most powerful lifestealer in the game! How is heal gonna help you???

revive->Taking revive as Warwick is called screwing a spell slot!

clairvoyance-> .........

fortify-> Yeah, right! If you take fortify, there can be 2 reasons. 1- You are a noob. 2- You are teamed up with noobs, in which case you already lost. One way or another, please take something else, so I don't die from laughing at you

rally-> you do way too much running and chasing to only stand a chance of making Rally useful, except maybe for Baron.

5. skilling order (normal)
When playing as Warwick, there are two thinking schools. There are junglers and chasers. When being a jungler, skills will always go that way:

1- Hunters Call

2- Hungering Strike

3- Hunters Call

4- Hungering Strike

5- Blood Scent

6- Infinite Duress

7- Hungering Strike

8- Hungering Strike

9- Hunters Call

10- Hungering Strike

11- Infinite Duress

12- Blood Scent

13- Hunters Call

14- Hunters Call

15- Blood Scent

16- Infinite Duress

17- Blood Scent

18 Blood Scent

That way, you will have some good blows, chases, and health bonuses for your levels. I must still say this is only a guideline. You can invert some skills in some situation, like if taking blood scent at lvl 4 instead of lvl 5 can get you a kill, well go for it!

6. skilling order (strong chaser)
Now is the time to make the best chaser in game forever!
Skilling order is as following:

1- Hungering Strike

2- Hunters Call

3- Blood Scent

4- Hungering Strike

5- Hungering Strike

6- Infinite Duress

7- Blood Scent

8- Hunters Call

9- Hungering Strike

10- Hunters Call

11- Infinite Duress

12- Hungering Strike

13- Hunters Call

14- Blood Scent

15- Hunters Call

16- Infinite Duress

17- Blood Scent

18- Blood Scent

That way, you will be so much of a strong chaser, everyone will try to flee as soon as they see the Blood Scent aura over them. I'd like to underline the words TRY TO FLEE!

7. Itemizing (chaser)
Now, itemizing Warwick as a chaser is not very hard. You only have to start with boots and some potions of your choice. collect 1500 gold, and when you have them, recall back and buy a Vampiric Scepter and a Recurve Bow. Now you are able to go kill a lizard/golem (rift) or a rabid wolf/ghast (treeline)and go back to your lane with your buff. When you have collected another 1500, recall again and finish your Boots of Swiftness and buy a Pickaxe. Go back to your fight again. When you have collected yet another amount of 1775 this time, go to your base and finally build up a Madred's Bloodrazor. Never forget to go get creep buffs from time to time. Now you will have to upgrade your Vampiric Scepter into a Malady and buy a The Black Cleaver. If the game has not ended yet, go get yourself a nice Frozen Mallet and buy a Zeal that you will take time (if there is enough) to upgrade into a Phantom Dancer. If game has not ended yet, you can always trade your Boots of Swiftness for some more dodge with Ninja Tabi, because at that point it's base to base (no more soloing and jungling/chasing). That's about it for chasing with Warwick.

8. itemizing (jungler)
There is also a build for Warwick when he jungles.(by the way, I hope you took smite in your spells, and if not, well you're gonna suck at jungling) I usually buy a Vampiric Scepter and go kill normal golems. That will make me level 2. Then, I'll go kill wraiths and wolf pack, which will make me level 3. Then, I will go get some minions in my lane, surprising everyone, maybe getting a kill (because some may still be lvl 1), and leading an army to the enemy turret. Then I recall, buy myself a nice Madred's Razors. Then I will go get both golem and lizard, will recall again, buy 1 health potion and go kill the dragon. By doing this, I'm supposed to get lvl 6. Then I am ready to destroy my lane with a partner probably at lvl 6 too. It will be a battle with 2 ults against none. They are doomed to lose a turret before they can catch up. Then, recall, get Ninja Tabi, because dodge is godlike, and go ripe the enemies' jungle (only golem and lizard). Start shifting from lane to lane, killing minions and champions in your way (don't steal kills, only get yourself a nice stack of assists). I'll always buy a Recurve Bow and a Pickaxe to finish my Madred's Bloodrazor. Then, you only need to continue getting fed with enemy champions until you can buy The Black Cleaver and Malady. At that point, you should be powerful enough to win in 2v1 and even 3v1 against you. That's his magic. He will never die without taking at least one enemy with him. By the time you finish another item that will be of your choice, you will probably have won the game.

9. Warwick in the team
In a team, Warwick wil often be the one fed by the enemy, meaning he will be the one getting kills. He is meant to take on 2v1, 3v2 and 3v1! thats why he is a 1v1 master. In 1v1, you can even defeat a well stocked, 3 levels higher enemy champion (well, I'm able to), and when well stocked, you can even solo Baron! That can be one of your missions, to go get baron while your team defends their base. Or you can be the one your team chooses to make yourself a Tiamat while defending and then sneaking into the enemies' base with a minion army and destroying their base! Those are all roles Warwick can play. Did you notice that all those roles are gamewinning roles?? The only problem is: MOST of LoL players HATE WARWICK. You will be backqueued at least half of the time you play with Warwick Some players will keep stealing your kills while saying Warwick is noob! Some are even gonna surrender-spam, whether you are winning or not. Some will insult you all the game. Some will leave. Some are gonna stay afk for all game. If you win, they will say you did nothing good for the win. If you lose, you will be blamed for everything. If one of your allies dies, you will be blamed because you were not there quickly enough. At least, around 25% of the players you play with will help you out, defend you against those noobs or only be a good player, taking strength and weakness from every character in the game. Even if people are taking you for a KS'er (killstealer), don't bother answering to them. You will only lose concentration and time. Stay focused on your game. Shut them up by killing and having good gameplay. As they say in the U.S. Army, STAY FROSTY!! Now that you're tooled and steeled for battle, I wish you good luck with Warwick and thanks for reading my guide.

P.S.: If you ever want to add me in your friends list, my username is darkpatate.

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