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Strategies For Team

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1 Strategies For Team on Sat Jun 26, 2010 12:06 pm

First of all Feeding is:

1) A feeder has a lot of deaths, but not a lot of kills/assists.
2) A feeder is often a lower level than most other members of the team, and the people who fed off of them are higher level than normal.
3) A feeder is really targeted, killed, and profitted off.

How to not feed on LoL:
1) Play defensively

Playing defensively is often the best way to ensure that you do not die. When you play defensively, you always keep a close eye on your HP bar, the location of the enemy, their range, and whether or not your actions will bring a reaction from your enemy

How to not make your team quit or not be bad example:

Good Examples:
"Teemo, want me to take on Morgana and you can take bottom?"
"Ashe, don't rush into Gangplank. Let me snare him for you, and we'll take it from there."
"Annie, please don't tank. Leave that up to Blitzcrank."
"Master Yi, try to play more defensively. You're getting yourself killed a lot."

Bad Examples:
"Wow Teemo, you suck. Just take bottom; I'll clean up your mess."
"Ashe, WTF ARE YOU THINKING! You can't kill Gangplank! Don't even bother trying!"
"Annie, why are you trying to tank? You must be a total n00b. You sure play like one."
"Yo Yi, stop feeding the other team, even if that's all you're good for."
My Conclusion
The key to not being a feeder lies in using your head to evaluate your situation and formulate what actions will be best. If you are ever unsure of what to do, play defensively, and focus on harassing. If you can bring down an opponent's HP, then you are putting your team in a better position without increasing your chances of dying (which is what harassing is all about). If harassing will cause you to take damage in return, then don't do it; focus on helping your team and farming creeps if help isn't needed. In the end, it's your game, and you affect your own actions, but the team that emerges victorious is the team that is able to work together.

Heres the best way to play defensive you must choose Amumu, Rammus, Garen, Shen, Nunu
Items you need is:3x Sunfire Cape all of champ, 2 Thornmail Shen and Rammus, Frozen Heart for Amumu, Abssal Scepter for Nunu
Spells: Ghost, Exhaust

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