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Teemo tips and build

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1 Teemo tips and build on Sat Jun 12, 2010 9:43 pm

Hi my summoner name is Anxtrist and in this brief guide i will show you a good teemo build for most situtions.

Lets start with summoner spells. My spells i use are Ignite and Heal. I use these two spells Because of how you can both attack and defend with these.

First in the beginning of the game you are going to want to buy a vampiric scepter and get your poison dart skill.(e) passive. Then your going to quickly run out to your lane. For Skills you want to prioritize your skills in this order;Poison mushroom(r), Poison Dart(e) passive), Blinding Dart (Q), Move quick(E). as for items, your going to want to follow this build.

1:Vampiric Scepter>Malady
2:Boots>Beserker Greaves
3:BF sword>Bloodthirster
4:Revurve bow>Sword of the Divine
5:Phage>Frozen Mallet
6:Phantom Dancer.

That is the end of the technical stuff so now lets get down to the tips Smile

These are very important for your team as a whole and to yourself! Coordinte where to put your mushrooms and put them where you think your teammates will run through to get out of trouble.

Thanks for reading this guide, expect more in the future Smile

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